My Story

Suddenly, She entered into my life.
Suddenly, She liked me and started to make me fall upon me..
Suddenly, after that, she became the greatest gift of all.
Suddenly, she proposed me and make me think for a while.
Suddenly, I also feel something for her and fell in love with her.
Suddenly, I also need her more and more.
Suddenly, she was my everything.
Suddenly, I started to make memories with her.
Suddenly, she was irreplaceable.
Suddenly, I became depended on her.
Suddenly, I can’t do work or anything without her.
Suddenly, she became an important part of my life.
Suddenly, I took her for granted every time.
Suddenly, I became possessive.
Suddenly, she stops trying for me.
Suddenly, my world fell apart.
Suddenly, she gave me despair.
Suddenly, I feel lost without Suddenly, it’s over.
Suddenly, I would do anything to get her back.
Suddenly, she gave me hope.
Suddenly, I was forsaken.
Suddenly, she became my memory.
Suddenly, I started to face the reality.
Suddenly, I started to move on.
Suddenly, I understood there is no one who will understand me.
Suddenly, I found she has another bf.
Suddenly, I end to be in a relationship.
Suddenly, I began to write.
Suddenly, Many people loved me.
Suddenly, I was on the internet.
Suddenly, I was named as “Gatsby”.
Suddenly, She wanted to come back.
And that day ” I ignored her and I won the game”. 😊


Did you lost a person who cared for you ?

Actually, the reality is you never tried And that is how you lost him.
You will remember the days when he cared for you. When he left everyone just to be with you just to make you feel better.
You will miss his useless talks, that unlimited phone calls, and messages.
You will miss how you pour out your heart to him and he never judged you by face, color or what you are.
You will regret the days you took him for granted. You will realize how he held your hand when everyone else left it. You will realize how much he believes in yourself and supported you in your thick and thins.
Finally, at some point, you will admit that there was nothing you did to make him stay. He accepted all your flaws and even appreciated them. He was just like a medicine but you choose to have a drug. You will crave for him, but now he is no more a toy you played with.
He never forced you to sleep with him, instead of that he always looked what you like and not.He made your wishes come true. He was there when you were in tears.
He walked out and you let him go. That is when you lost a person who cared for you.
PS: Vice Versa

This is how our Story Ended

From next time when your heart will start to beat heavily, I will not be the reason. The next time when you will sit across the table at your favorite restaurant I will not be sitting beside you. The next time when you will text me to meet up for the last time in Basantpur I will not reply.
Now you should know that is how our story ends. No complains, or make outs. No happiness or meaningful relationships.Two people who were once together and but now are separated. Two people who once used to talk and message each other all day, but now cannot even see the text.
You, with your new boyfriend at the cinema hall, sitting next to him and me on my way to work hard. You traveling on a trip with him, and me in my room wondering where you could possibly be. You think about why I lose to give you time, why I didn’t wish you “Happy Birthday”, and me wondering why you could never give us a second chance. Now you should know that is how our story ends.
You should always know one thing that there was no “we”, and there could have never been an “us”. Our story was one-sided, unmanaged, unfinished and unsatisfactory. You cannot convince people to like you. You cannot clarify the reasons why you were busy because they never want to listen to you, because they have their own theory.
Our story ended with so many unspoken words and many unperformed actions. Our story ended with regret and pain. Our story ended in the worst possible way, and now we cannot do anything instead of closing our storybook.
We cannot think about what a second chance would give to us. We could not think about the late night’s chats or the coffee shop we could have gone to visit. We cannot think about meeting at lazy Saturday’s, or Friday nights at Club. Never mind the dinner dates and movie nights, for those will never come into existence.
Our story is now over. No new twists and no new turns. The plot can’t change and will not become any more or less complicated. There is no way where we will meet again in our life.
All you are to me is someone whom I always see in my people you may know.
Someone I don’t want to text, someone I don’t want to be with. And all I am to you is someone that still had hope for you and tried hard to get you back. Someone who loved you so much, who cared you. That is all we are to each other.
That is how our story ended. 😊

Once She Was My life

It was 21st October 2014 when she was first introduced in my life.We met at our house.When I first saw her I was fantasies in her eyes, and her cuteness overloaded was the main attack which blew me away. Actually, I thought “She also liked me” when she came near me and started to stare at me.Her name was “Cristy”.
After from that day she stayed in my house. First-day meeting was amazing because after so many years I had liked someone near to my parents.That time, I have to wake up early to attend my classes(Was doing engineering at that time), so I couldn’t have time to watch her all day, but that happiness of meeting and watching her “जब म साझ घर पुग्थे ” ।
In the classes, I used to talk about her to my classmates and they used to say “त पागल भैसकिस”,
But I knew that it was different love, it was not a relationship, it was not a gf/bf bond but it was something extraordinary.
At holidays we used to walk around. All the people in my tole used to pass nearby her and pursued a way of greeting and passing good comments like “Wow she is cute. “.
But one when I was in my college doing some practicals,I got a call from my mom.
“ओइ सुन त, Cristy बिरामी भएकी छे, and she is serious, you have to come and see”.
I was kind of scared ,I immediately rushed to my home ,she was there lying on her bed,
I turned to my mom and asked
“Cristy लाई के भयो Mom, is she okay, भन्नू न Mom”.
She explained to me that she had eaten something poisonous, and now she was in her last stage.
My tears rolled down from my eyes,I started to cry.My legs started to treble,I started to panic.With a great effort, I lumped my footsteps near her. I looked into her eyes, she was crying too,I could see tears in her eyes.She wanted to say something but she was numb at that time. I pulled her from the bed and hugged her to my chest saying ” त आको कति नै भाको थियो र Cristy,तलाइ जब घरमा लेरआइयो सबैभन्दा बढी I was excited. तलाइ देख्ने बितिकै तेरो एउटा छाप मेरो मनमा बसिसकेको थियो । म जब जब college जान्थे everytime I want to meet you,तर त सङ खेल्न सक्थेन,तलाइ हरेक चोटि घुमाउन सक्थेन,म घर आउँदा कति मायाले त मेरो नजिक आउन्थिस । नबोले पनि तेरो आँखा मा देखिन्थ्यो you missed me too.तैले खाना नखाए सम्म म नि खाना खादैन्थे । मेरो साथी कोहि थिएन जसलाई म कुरा Share गर्न सकुम ,एउटा तै थिइस अब त नि मलाई छोडेर जादैछस । दुनियाँले तलाइ कुकुर भनेर चिन्ता पनि, मैले आफ्नो एउटा परिवारको सदस्य झै मान्छु । मलाई छोडेर नजा cristy.”
My shirt was spotted with her tears too, that time maybe she didn’t understand my language, Maybe she didn’t understand what I said to her, but what I understood was ” उसलाई नि थाहा थियो he is too crying for me”.
After she rolled her eyes onto me and left this world.I don’t know where she is now, but she is always in my heart. She was my dog Cristy and today was the day when she has died.

PS: People will say “यहाँ मान्छे मर्दा त केही हुदैन तर जाबो कुकुर मर्दा किन यति नाटक,”


Perfect Or Imperfect Relationship

25446437_1760644267290819_3701649518052398622_nGuessing some day I started to visualize that something is missing out in so-called relationships, So at last, I came to conclusion what I actually need in a relationship.
With all due respect, I do not want a relationship that is only filled with magic and lovable gestures. I do not want a relationship that is established on perfectness and only it shows to the outside world.
I actually do not want a perfect relationship. I want one that is not fake.
I need particles. I want the good and the bad, for finer and for worse.
I want genuinely be felt all of the tears and all of the smiles. I want that warm hugs and the loving kisses and the hectic arguments that end in silence.
Yes, I admit that actual truth is, no relationship is perfect. No relationship can stand against the severe and hard situations. No relationship can be a roof when rain strikes on the foundation of the house. No relationship is unbreakable. Every relationship breaks down. Every relationship goes through tough times. And every relationship has to go through those tough days in order to make their love life trustable.
It is the effort you put everything to make a relationship work. It is the fight that will make the difference, and the cost of those tears that water the plants you planted a long time ago.
And we all deserve relationships that shines.
I do not want a quiet relationship. I do not want a silent one. I just want a raised voice if that is what is going to get us to grow. I want that passion in relationship and growth voices that actually care. I want a relationship that may fall down, but also can grow back together step by step.
I want a relationship that will survive.
I do not care for perfectness, good face, sexy legs, and figures. I do not care for politeness, charmless and light white lies to make another person feel better.
All I want is to hear someone who will shout at me, but not whisper. I just want them to scream out their feelings for me, but not to grow silent. Actually, the problem is, I am done with these so-called half ass relationships that always end up making a life doom. I am done with relationships that refuse to take a part of our lives to theirs.
I literally want that kind of relationship which will make my body cell vibrant. I want that kind of relationship which will make my veins run as a wind, whenever I will sit with that person. What I want are passion and particle.
I do not need the so-called picture portrait relationship. We should know It is not a real representation of love. Damn man, it is not even close.
Searching for the perfect love will only leave you alone once again. Searching for the perfect relationship will only get you far. So, better search the imperfection. Start to wait and watch for the fire. And try to find that love which is not broken over with some whispers and false hope. Try to find love that is actually in all its beauty and all its defects.😊

Menstruation is not a sin

आमा म सक्दैन यो पुषे जाडोमा बाहिर बस्न ।
बाबा म सक्दैन यो परालको बिस्तरामा आफ्नो निन्द्रा पूरा गर्न ।
भाइले कति मिठो मिठो खान पाउदैछ,तर म त्यो सुकेको रोटी चबाउन नि सक्दैन ।
आमा ७ दिन यो मर्ने जाडोमा रात कसरी कटाउने,कसरी आफ्नो मनलाइ सान्त पारेर हजुरहरुलाइ तातोमा सुतेको हेर्ने ।
के मेरो अधिकार् छैन त,के मैले ७ दिन पैला जसरी सुत्न पाउदैन र ।
म कम्जोर हुन्छु किन बुझ्नु हुदैन , मेरो रगत जता बाट झरे नि के त्यो मेरो गल्ती हो र बाबा ।
आखिर म ७ दिन कसरी असुध भए र आमा,भगवती माताले पनि के यसरी नै बाहिर रात बिताकी थिइन र आमा ।
ए बिर्सेछु ,उहाँ त भगवान है,वहाँलाई नै असुध हुन्छ भनेर मैले यसरी रातभर आफ्नो पिडा लुकाएर बिहान काममा निस्किनु पर्ने हैन त।
दिउँसो भरी पेटको दुखाइ सहेर पनि हामीले कडा घाममा त्यत्रो कामहरु गर्नु पर्छ । के त्यो अत्याचार होइन र ??
ल माने म असुध हुन्छु होला,तर कुनै कोठाको कुना तिर मलाई सुत्न दिए घर नै कसरी असुध हुन्छ र ??
आमा हजुर भन्नुहुन्छ “यो त संस्कृति हो,जहाँ सबैले यस्तो गर्छन्,यो त पुर्व्जहरुको आदेश हो,यो परम्परा हो,यसलाई नकार्नु हुदैन,नत्र पाप लाग्छ “।
यो कस्तो परम्परा हो आमा जहाँ कसैलाई दुख दिएर उसको प्रान्ण जाने गर्छ । यो कस्तो जिद्दी पन हो जहाँ एउटा रगतको लागि परालमा सुताइन्छ , ७ दिन सम्म एउटा पशु जस्तै व्यहार गर्ने गरिन्छ । यो प्रथा त अरु ठाँउ छैन त आमा,यो परम्परा अरु ठाँउ लोप भैसक्यो त आमा, बरु यसको बारेमा सहरिया दिदीले कस्तो राम्रोसँग बुझाउदै हुनुहुन्थ्यो । उहाँको कुरा सुनेर त अलिक दयनीय भैइदिनु न । अब छोड दिनु यो “छाउ पडि प्रथालाइ “।
बाच्न दिनु ती सात दिन हामीलाई जसरी हामीलाइ बाच्न मन लाग्छ । खान दिनु ती सात दिन हामीलाई जे खाने मन लाग्छ ।
म एउटा नारी नछुने हुनसक्छु तर म बाहिर बस्न सक्दैन । 😊
मलाई नि बाच्न देउ ।


26166069_1769251546430091_1051740103892509982_nजब आमा गाली गर्दै हुनुहुन्थ्यो,
तेति बेला कोइ चुपचाप हास्दै थिए ,
“बुवा “।

जब म सुतेको बेला,
मेरो टाउकोमा चुपचाप हात घुमाउनु हुन्थ्यो,
“बुवा ” ।

जब म बिहान ढिलो उठथे,
उहाँ थाकेको भए नि,
बिहानै काम गर्न निस्किनु हुन्थ्यो,
“बुवा” ।

आफू घामको पर्वाह नगरी घरबाट काम अनि कामबाट घर फर्किनु हुन्थ्यो ,
अनि मलाई हिन्न गाह्रो हुन्छ भनेर ,
बाइकमा कलेजमा पठाउनु हुन्थ्यो,

सपना त मेरो थियोे,
तर त्यो सपना आफ्नो मानेर पूरा गर्न कोइ रातदिन एक गर्दिन्थे,
“बुवा” ।

म त आफ्नो खुशीमा रमाउने गर्थे,
तर कोइ थियोे ,
जो मेरो हासोमा आफ्नो दुख भुलाउने गर्थे,
” बुवा”।

फलफुलहरु मलाई भन्दा पनि उहाँलाई बढी जरुरी थियो,
तर पनि मलाई त खान पैला भन्नुहुन्थ्यो,
“बुवा “।

खुशी त मैले हुनुपर्थ्यो,
म उन्को छोरा भएर जन्म लिए भनेर,
तर म जन्मिदा सबैभन्दा खुशी उहाँ हुनुहुन्थ्यो,
“बुवा ” ।

म सायद “छोरा” भएर ऐले सम्म बुवाको जीवन सरल बनाएको छु कि छैन थाहा छैन,
“बुवाले” आफ्नो सबै इच्छा दबाएर मेरो जिन्दगी सारल बनाउनु भाको छ भन्ने कुरामा म पक्का छु । 🙂

Dedicated for father of each and every bros,sis and friends


Story Ko Title Jaruri Chaina

26219162_1781620708526508_4525595256144894816_nIt was cold and shivery day,chetan in his room opened his laptop and started a conversation in facebook with a girl named “Simran”.

Simran and Chetan were friends,for simran chetan was like a normal friend whom she used to chat,nothing more than that. But for Chetan she was his world . After a long time of a one-sided relationship,today he want to say something to Simran,let’s read his full conversation.

Chetan: Hey, you there?
Simran : Yes,I am. 😊
Chetan: listen I have to say you something,something you will have to understand and quink about it. Ok??

Simran: Hmmm..Tell me first what do you want to say,let me clear you if you are thinking to propose me I am not ready for the shitty relationship and also I have not any feeling towards you.

Chetan: No,it is not about relationship,I know you will never have a feelings towards me,its been since 1 years I am talking with you,and I always precursed you will never love me,I do want to spend my whole life with you but I also know you love someone else,I also know Abhishek never give you a path or a sign to come near,and you only want to spend your whole life with him.I am here to tell you something you will love to hear it.
Actually the guy whom you love,loves you too.Yesterday night we talked,and I explained him the full scenario till the date,and you know he refered to be a good guy and told me he would love to accept you.
Gosh it took me 9 hrs to convince him that he is important to you,he believed that he too loves you.

Simran : What,how do you know about that,ummm but you did wrong,I don’t want him to get convinced by somone who he don’t know.He should know by himself.You did wrong chetan.

Chetan : I know I did wrong,but for your happiness I visualised “wrong=right”. Go on simran,he is yours now. You will be happy forever . And don’t worry about me I will not disturb you from today,I will stop myself to message you. I will stop each things which will pose me to be close with you. Its just a bad luck that being with you since 1 year I couldn’t win your heart,but remember one thing I will not stop to care you. I will not stop to miss you. 😊

Simran: Whatever,have a great life ahead.And thanks for the help. You did such a marvellous stuff.Oooo from today I would not get your shitty messages,those irritating messages.Take care buddy and thanks for being with me.

It was day time, Chetan mood was not so good so he decided to go to a café for smoking and drinking his best dark coffee with honey.

Ordering coffee and cigarette he was missing “Simran”. Yes he had promised himself not to miss her but it is said “ Maya gareko manche lai kaha birsina skaincha ra”. He checked his phone and stalked Simran profile, he also checked the messenger where simran was offline 1 hour ago.

When he was smoking his friend “Aayush” entered in café and shouted Chetan.

Aayush: Oie, ta hijo bata kata chas yaar, tero phone tetro try gare, lagdaina ta?? Hostel gaye… teta ni thiyenas….balla yo thau yaad thiyo ani kudera aako….Anything happened bro??

Chetan: Nothing dude, tei ta ho study and family tension, aru k nai cha ra tension lina lai.
Ani hijo phone switch off thiyo k , hostel ma batti navayera ni kya tanab vako cha yaar.

Aayush : Ani How is simran ahmmmm, asti bato ma dekheko thiye hai uslaie , ani tero yaad aayo, kura agadi badyo ta tero, sala relationship ko party ni khana napaune jasto cha..

Chetan : She is good, guess what she is happy because she have got what she wanted. Now we are not talking, hamro bato alag vaisakyo yaar….She may be now happy with Abhishek.

Aayush lil bit confused: Abhishek??? Who Abhishek, Mampakha hamro bhauju lai udaune ko ho tyo, ta van matra pitera tadha bas vanchu. Tesko tetro himmat…. ta mula 1 barsa dekhi usko pachi kukur jasari lageko chas ani tyo mampakha le utikaie lagna pauncha ta??

Chetan looks up and : Its not about Abhishek, its about her happiness, A week ago I found something, I found she loves Abhishek and Abhishek was ignoring her, so I insisted Abhishek to be with her, so that she will be happy. Arey chod na yaar, Khusi hune lai khusi huna de na, Tension kina linchas, Arkho Simran aaie halche hola ni future ma.

Aayush looks straight in Chetan eyes and speaks : Bro, how innocent you are, is it you?? Jasle Simran lai pauna lai k k garena, Usko needs pura haru gardina dekhi liyera usko oth ma kaile ni sadness lai basna diyena.
Yo ta vandaie chas Chetan, Yaad cha talaie… college ma vok uslaie lagthyo goji ko paisa tero sakinthyo, Sala, afno birthday ta kaile taile manyenas,usko birthday ma hami sabaie lai party dinthis, Arey yaar k k garenas taile usko lagi. Ma edi Simran ko thau ma vako vaye “ I will definitely choose you”,tara aile vandaie chas “jana de”, Sakyo tero promise jun taile hami sabaie ko samune gareko this “Ek din Simran lai afno banune chu vanera”, birsis tesko garda best friend sanga jhagda vako.
Ki Chetan ta haris, ta haris ho yo maya ko khel ma, You are such a loser. Chya 1 year ma haar khayis.

Chetan spelled : No, No , No, I am not a loser, Ma loser hoina, ho maile mane yo sabaie kura tara etro barsa samma ni maile usko mann jitna sakina Aayush. Yo sabaie kura maile gare because I was happy doing that, and I am ok yaar. Malaie j feel huncha uslaie ni tei feel hos vanne chaina ni. Tyo usko life ho, If she loves another guy why the hell I am disturbing her yaar.

Chetan lit another cigarette : Listen aayush, Usle malaie jasto soch che it depends upon her, maile uslaie k soch chu… and I know that. Aba yaar birsina saki halchu ni hoina ra, Usko harek kura haru lai bistarie tadha banaie dinchu, hudaina ra yaar. Taha cha ma garna sakdaina hola tara k tha sakchu ki……

Suddenly Aayush eyes visualized something behind Chetan.

Aayush : Oie,Tyo simran hoina ra, Ani ko kta sanga aako tyo ?? Abhishek vanne torpe ehi ho ??

A cold breeze passes through Chetan, Everything went slow,he slowly looked back and saw “Simran and Abhishek”.

Chetan : “Shit”.
Aayush : Bro, ma jaam hanera aama tyo mampakha lai, ta bhan matra, Sala herna kya makhha parirako cha.

Chetan was only looking Simran, he just smiled and looked at aayush “ Jaam hin,kabab ma haddi kina bannu”….

I don’t know how the music turned on that time, Exit of Chetan looking simran was like a movie part. Though simran didn’t noticed that but the environment was damn dramatic.

Chetan was smiling while leaving the cafe and Aayush was confused about his laugh.
Though one sided relationship was end but story was not finished yet. But Aayush was still confused about the Chetan love life.

***Cafe scene between Simran and Abhishek. Let see what is the real story of Simran***
Abhishek : Hey Simran, How are you??

Simran with low profile smile : I am good, what about you??

Abhishek : Everything is fine and awesome. So, what was the main purpose you called me??

Simran : First of all I am sorry about Chetan. He told me he had insisted you to be with me. But that is not true actually. You also know that.

Abhishek : It is ok, I know Chetan was joking around, But I am still confused “Chetan timro pachi 1 year vayo lageko (Chetan mentioned about his love ). Why you are ignoring him? And why did you sent me friend request even though we don’t know each other. Its ok I may be going personally, but jaile ehi kura sochchu, timi mero pic haru status haru ma ni comment garchau, akhir k lukaudaie chau simran..

Simran : Mero euta story cha jun kura le ma Chetan lai accept garna sakdaina,Suna ma bistarie vanchu.

Abhishek : Okay,but lets order something first. Timi k khane ??

Simran : Ma dark coffee with honey,aru kehi khadina..

Abhishek : Waiter ??

Ordering all the stuff they started to talk.

Abhishek : Ok go on Simran.

Simran : I don’t know how will you react. I choose you because you are the one who will solve my problem.
Actually , I am Married. Mero bihe vaisakeko cha . Mero 12 sakesi aama bua ko kaar le ani hamro family ko halat ekdum najuk vako le buwa le ma vanda 7 barsa jetho sanga bihe garaie diyo. Ma dheraie royeko thiye ani ma bihe ni gardaina vaneko thiye, tara mero kunai kura mannu vayena. Bihe ta vayera nai chodyo tara mann tyo manche sanga lagena. Jaile malaie torcher matra dinu hunthyo tyo time ma, Malaie bihe pachi sabaie thik huncha , maya paunchau sabaie kura ramro huncha vaneko thiyo, tei aash ma ani buwa ko jidi pan lai nasakera maile bihe gareko thiye. Mero lagi usko ghar naya thiyo. Bihe ko 2-3 din ramro sanga treat garera rakhnu vayo tara 1 week pachi sabaie ko behavior dekhiyo. Malie mero garibi ko karan le hepnaa thaliyo. Budo ni “tero bau sanga paisa maag natra malaie tero maya chaina vanera malie din prati din vannu hunthyo”. Jaile daru khayera malaie naramro sabdha haru vanera mero ijaat falnu hunthyo. Yo kura maile ghar ma ni vane tara buwa le aru ko ghar ma esto huncha usto huncha vanera malaie samjhaunu vayo. Maile ni thikaie cha vanera sahdaie base. After 1 month. Ek din ko kura ho, budo ekdaimaie matera aayo ani afno 2-3 sathi lai liyera ni aaunu vayo. Sasu aama ra Sasura chai vaira janu vako thiye. Abhishek timi sochna sakdainu tyo din tyo papi le malaie afno sathi haru ko agadi k k vanera ta yo sanga sut vanna thalyo. Maile kasari kasri afu lai bachayera room ma luke. Voli bihanie ma maiti farke and sabaie kura ghar ma pokhe ,tara buwa le feri ni jiddi garera esto kaha huncha,hudaina esto vanera vannu vayo. Dai ni teti bela bidesh bata aaunu vako thiyo and that day my brother trusted me. I was literally crying Abhishek,My brother was there to support me and my mom too.
Tyo din pachi dai le uta jhagda garera malaie eta ktm pathaunu vayo padhna lai.Ma afno husband ko daar le ni eta aako chu..

Entry of waiter: Sir your Lemon tea with honey and madam your dark coffee with honey.

Abhishek sipping tea : Ani etro huda ni why don’t you give him divorce ??

Simran : Divorce dina sajilo hudaina rahexa Abhishek, Ma ktm aaye pachi maile divorce dina dheraie try gare tara husband le manena, Dhamki dincha Ta jata chas bass tara ma divorce didaina vancha. Ani uta ko sabaie thulo manche haru lai usle chineko cha.

Abhishek : Ani yo kura kasaie lai tha chaina ho.

Simran : Ma eta bachelor start garesi tyo sabaie dukha bisrinchu ani naya jindagi suru garchu vanera aako thiye. Tyo karan le maile kasie lai kei ni vaneko chaina ani yo kura kun adhar le ma sabaie lai vanum yaar,malaie feri jaruri pani lagdaina. Marriage ta euta dekhauti ho, na kunaie nata cha na kunaie maya. Tara pani ma yo boundary ma badhaiyeko chu,jaha ma afno mann le kei garna khoje ni kei garna sakdaina. Ma eta hostel ma baschu,ani tha vayeko mero utaie bata sangaie eta bachelor garna aako sathi cha. Uslaie matra tha cha I am married vanera.

Abhishek : Ani What about Chetan “ Usle ta timi lai maya garcha ta “.

Simran : Ma college ma varna vaisake pachi, ma kasie sanga boldaina vanne socheko thiye, because I was scared to be close with someone. Yes I also wanted to do love, I also wanted to be with someone who will care me love me. If tyo kura maile afno budo ma pako vaye aja esto hune thiyena. Uni haru lai ta kebal euta naukar chayeko thiyo. Ma eta aayera jati khulla vaye pani malaie yaad hunthyo ma still euta relationship ma badhiyeko chu,jaha samaj le aile ni malaie kasie ko ghar ko buhari sochcha. Ani kasari himmat aaunthyo ta kasie ko close hune.Bistarie college start vayesi sathi haru ta bane tara kt sathi matra. Daraunthe kunaie kta sanga mitrata gare vane,close vayera usko maya lagna thalyo vane maile afno husband lai dhoka deko jasto hunthyo. Jasto j vayeni ma aile samma kasaieko srimati chu ani malaie kasie lai dhoka dina adhikar chaina. But j sochicha tyo nahudo rahecha. Chetan was there who changed my thinking. Who changed my belief about love. Uslaie jati tadha rakhna khojda ni uh mero najik aaudaie gayo, maile rokne dheraie kosish gare tara maile uslaie afu bata tadha rakhan sakina. Ma udas huda uh nai hunthyo malaie hasaune. Uta husband le tanab dida eta afno guff haru le sabaie kura bhulaie dinthyo. Yes I do love him, I love Chetan but I cant be with him. Ma euta married girl kasri usko huna sakchu. Kasari uslaie gayera “ Chetan yes I love you too” vanna sakchu. Ma uslaie tadha ni rakthe tara kuanie din usko message naauda malaie eklo feel hunthyo tei ni ma usalie jasari pani msg garna launthe. Ani kasari ma Chetan lai ma married ho vanum, Malie daar lagthyo usle malaie chodera jancha ki, Maile vane pani k huna sakthyo ra akhir, ma euta relation ma huda hudaie aru sanga kasari maya garna sakchu ra. Yo ta maile afu lai hoina afno character lai ni dhoka diye jasto huncha. I wish mero bihe navako vaye hunthyo,atleast ma Chetan lai afno ta vanna sakthe, Mero bihe euta khel vaisakyo jaha farkiyo vane tei pitaie ani runu lekhiyeko cha. Ma yo bandhan bata aajad huna chanchu Abhishek. And I know you can help me.

Abhishek lil confused : Maile, Ma kasari help garna sakchu ra??

Simran : Mero yo kura sathi lai tha thiyo tei karan le usko sathi le timi lai chindo rahexa and timro buwa ktm ko top lawyer ma parnu hudo rahexa. Timro buwa sanga direct kura garna ni khoje tara uha ko bg ani time na milera kehi garna sakiyena. So maile timi lai friend request pathaye, Abhishek please maile timi lai use garna, khojeko hoina,lachar ani hares khayera timi lai vanera timi afno buwa sanga kura gardinchau vanera eti lagi pareko thiye. Ani asti Chetan le jaba timro barema tha payo,Chetan le yo kuralai “ma timi lai mann paraunchu ko roop ma liyo”. Ani mero kushi ko lagi aafu tadha vayo.Tara reality ma I want your help. Malaie chadaie yo bandhan bata mukt hunu cha and I know your dad will help me. Ma daily ko torture,gali sahana sakdaina Abhishek, I also want to accept Chetan and want to start a new life with Chetan tara daar lagcha yo samaj ani esko soch ko karan le. Daar lagcha yo sabaie kura sunera Chetan le malaie naramro manera chodera jancha ki. Sympathy ko roop ma usle malaie accept garnu vayena. Ma yo bandhan bata tutna saath Chetan lai sabaie vanchu, if usle malaie bujhyo vane he will accept me otherwise “ Jindagi ko k cha ra, Chali rakhcha,koie vaye pani koi navaye pani.”.But I want to hug him, Jor jor le runu,karaunu cha, usko aankha ma herera “ I love you too idiot vannu cha”. Usanga maafi magnu cha maile eti ignore gare vanera. Tara yo kura ma taba garna sakchu jaba ma yo bandhan bata niskine chu. Kasie lai afno marriage todne mann hudaina. Hami kt manche lai kei nai chaincha ra maya garne budo, respect garne afno family teti ta ho. Teti tadha afno ghar chodera aayesi,gaali,kutaie,apasabdha haru sunna, ko basi rakcha ra. Baru testo Jeevan jiunu vanda alag vayeko nai ramro.
Ani yo kura please Chetan lai navannu,etro 1 year lukaye, ma yo problem bata niskeksi sabaie kura vanne chu.

Abhishek : I am sorry simran, You have faced so much problems in your life and still smiling like nothing happened. Damn Chetan is lucky. I promise I will help you. Ma bata j huna sakcha I will do that for you. I don’t know how Chetan will react your story. But I am sure ,definitely he will wait for you. And yes in this society many of girls jasko bihe jabarjatsi huncha, life sanga still struggle gardaie baseki chan. Not every one is lucky enough to get loved. I hope everyone who is facing this problem would get recovered to good life. Society is also main criteria where you could not fight if you are right too. Timi saraie nai brave rahechau yaar, and my respect is always for you girl. Eha bihe vaisake pachi,budo ani pariwar ko maya payera pani arkho relation ma badhine garchan tara timro jabarjasti vayera pani you are neglecting whom you love for that guy who is a demon. Really, It was nice meeting with you Simran. God bless you, Hope you will soon overcome from this problem.

Simran smiled with a hope : Thank you so much, I am just waiting for that day where I will be free to make my choices. (

Here in hostel..
Aayush : Oie aba simran lai chod dinchas ta, ki arkho simran khojchas. Euta chawak kt ko request aako cha,ta van matra ma kura gardinchu.

Chetan looking up : Kehi na kehi ta cha yaar, malie janne mann lageko cha, Etro barsa maile k kami gareko rahechu vanera, anha , Simran lai ta choddaina, Ek na ek din uh pakka aaune chi. Herdaie ja babu yo Chetan ko ni euta life partner hunche ani timi haru dai ko lagi tali bajaune chau.

Some love stories are unrealistic but that doesn’t mean it could not happen. I feel this story will relate someone in some corner. I don’t know how many of you will say it bakwas but what I know is “Sometime love could not be happen due to some problems “. And kata kata yo hamro society ko euta dabiyeko katha ho, jaha esta hajaro chan hola tara prayas kasie le garna sakdaina , because they are scared of “ Samaj le k Bhancha”.


“अनोठो सम्बन्ध “

जब तिम्रो मेस्ज मेरो इन्बक्समा आइ पुग्यो तब हामी अन्जान थिएम,

न मलाई तिम्रो बारेमा अनि तिमीलाई मेरो बारेमा थाहा थियो,
थाहा थियो त केबल हाम्रो नाम ।
बिस्तारै तिम्रो नज्दिकीले मलाई सताउन थाल्यो,कोलाहलको मायाको भुमरीमा मेरो मन घुल्न थाल्यो,न यता जाउ न उता जाना मन लाग्थ्यो,लाग्थ्यो त केबल तिमी सङ बसेर बाकीको पलहरु बिताम ।
हाम्रो नाता हो त के हो,न तिमी मेरो हुन सकछौ न म तिम्रो,दुबैलाई थाहा छ हाम्रो यो सम्बन्ध गहिरो र गाढा छ भनेर तर हामी चुपचाप छम,चुपचाप छौ हाम्रो यो अधुरो सम्बन्धको लागि ।
तिमी जैले ठुस्किदा,रिसाउदा,नाक फुलाउदा अनि म सुत्छु भन्दा मन कति सम्म पिरो हुन्छ त्यो तिमीले बिश्वास गर्न सक्दैनौ होला।
म बुझाउन नि सक्दैन होला,तर बिश्वास गर अझै नि यो सास तिम्रो लागि चल्ने गर्छ,अझै नि यो मन तिम्रो लागि घुट्मुटाएर सानले तिम्रो नाम लिन सक्छ ।

“म”,आखिर को हो म…
बिहान उठदा शीत परेको ऐनालाई पुछ्दै आफ्नो मुहार हेर्न गर्छु,ओठका छालालाई तन्काउदै निर्म्ल हासो मुहारमा बिहानीको किरण झै ल्याएर सोधने गर्छु “आखिर को हो र म,मेरो केइ अस्तित्व छैन र” ।
मनको झोलाबाट आवाज आउने गर्छ “तेरो नि अरु जस्तै कान छ,ओठ छ,आँखा छ,त नि अरु जसतै त होस,किन आफूलाई फरक सोच्दैछस”।
के मैले आफूलाई फरक सोच्दै छु र? के मैले आफूलाई अरु सङ तुलना गर्दैन र ? के म नै यो संसारमा सबै भन्दा दुखमा अड्केको मान्छे हो र ?
किन सोच्दैन मेरा दिमागले कि यो संसार हो जहाँ मर्ने बेला कन्दा दिने त सबै भेटिन्छन् तर जिउँदो रह्दा हालखबर सोधने अलिक हिचकिचाउन्छन ।
ओइलाएको फुलबाट नि सुग्न्ध आइ राख्छ,किन सोच्दैन म यो कि त अगाडि बढनेछस,आफूले आफूलाई धिकार्न बन्द गर,आफूले आफूलाई दुख दिन बन्द गर ।
त जन्मेको त एकले,ऐले तलाइ किन अरुको साथ चाहिन्छ,तलाइ किन अरुको सुन्द्र्ता देखि ईष्र्या हुनेगर्छ,तलाइ किन सम्बन्ध गास्ने मन लाग्छ ।
दिन भरी भित्ताको हरेक कोणलाई चिउादै बित्ने मेरो जिन्दगीमा घाम कैले आउन्छ सोचेर “म को हो ” किन भन्दैछु ।
आफ्नो कला संसारको सामुन्य राख्दा नि संसारले चिन्दैन,खोक्रो डिग्रीको मान राखेर काम पाउने उदेश्यले छीरेको यो सहरमा आफ्नो कोइ भए काम पाउदो रहेछ मैले किन यो सब बुझेन ।

आखिर आमाबुबाका सपनाहरू लेर कति बेला सम्म उड्म झै लाग्छ,उडिरहेका इ पखेटाहरुलाई काटेर कुनै एकान्तमा सुत्ने मन छ,आफूले आफूलाई चिन्न एक्लो जिन्दगी कटाउने मन छ ।
अरुको कुरामा लागेर आमाले नि म बिग्रेको छु जस्तो लाग्छ,बिग्रेको कोलाइ भन्छन् र?मान्छे बिग्रीनछ भन्ने उस्को हातमा हुदैन र? भविष्य बनाउने कसलाई मन छैन र यहाँ,कोशिस त हरेक क्षेण गर्दै हुन्छु ,तर सकिँदैन त मेरो यसमा के गल्ती छ र ।
हरेक राती ईन्टरनेटमा आफ्नो आँखा सकाएर कामको खोजीमा लडिराख्ने ,किन अझै नि एक्लो मह्सुस गर्छु म ।
यो म को छट्पटीमा मन भर्खर जन्मेका कुकुरले आमालाइ खोज्दै दुध पिउनलाई आफ्नो तड्प देखाउदै गरेको झै आत्मता हुने गर्छ ।
सायद भविष्यमा यदि म केही बन्न सकुला भने आफूलाई चिन्ने प्रयास गर्नेछु,आफ्नो सबै प्रस्नको उतर माग्नेछु,
के थाहा कुनै दिन मैले थाहा पाउनेछु होला ” म को हो” ।

#सानो #सोच